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We offer a collaborative approach with all stakeholders, from landlords and tenants to management teams and agents. Our expertise in multi-tenanted properties means we understand the unique challenges this brings.

Our wide-ranging experience covers all service lines including dilapidations, contract administration, tenant alterations, planned preventative maintenance and technical due diligence. Our experience also extends to the growing flexible workspace market

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Industrial properties come in all shapes and sizes and cover a huge range of business sectors. We are experienced in advising on all types of property, from small single or double-storey industrial buildings, through to logistic warehouses, factories, trade counter units and large ‘big box’ industrial spaces including data centres.

We understand the risks and attractions of investing in industrial property and are therefore expertly placed to advise on technical due diligence, dilapidations, schedules of condition, design and specification of refurbishment projects and the review of tenant alterations.

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Retail & Leisure

Our experience includes high street units through to out of town retail warehouses and shopping centres.

We work closely with landlords, tenants and their advisors to provide tailored advice to suit an ever-changing marketplace. Our expertise includes the review of tenant alterations, providing dilapidations advice, the preparation of planned preventative maintenance reports and reinstatement cost assessments. We also provide a range of project services to bring a unit back to market ready to re-let.

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We regularly provide party wall services for developers, property managers and private individuals in the residential sector.

Our expertise also includes providing design, contract administration and project management services for residential refurbishment and conversion schemes, including the construction of additional storeys to maximise an asset’s value.

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We recognise that public sector entities face unique funding challenges for capital improvement projects. The ability to adequately invest in facility and infrastructure improvements or development projects is constrained by debt capacity, competing budget priorities and political trade-offs.

We assist a number of London Boroughs with routine maintenance works and refurbishment projects of a wide variety of assets. Our experience means we understand the importance of working within strict parameters and ensuring our approach is clear, so all stakeholders can make informed decisions.

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